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Triple Air

TripleAir-Technology is a young, experienced supplier of Hepa (High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing) and Ulpa (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filters. These filters remove undesirable pollutants, such as dust particles, bacteria or odours, from aspirated air.

The result is clean air, safe for humans, product safety, processes and the environment. TripleAir-Technology's main mission is to design, development and delivery of air filtration systems. In our product offering high quality and a reasonable price go hand in hand.

Air Filtration All-in-one Supplier

TripleAir produces filters for the high-end market in our modern facility with its efficient layout, located in Emmen, The Netherlands. We want to be an all-in-one supplier. For this reason, we supply complete systems, filter units, ceiling

systems, drawings, engineering etc. We also supply products for the low-end market. In short: standard products and specials (custom-made), produced according to the highest norms, innovative, high quality and competitively priced.


TripleAir possess the state-of-the-art technology for the production of special items. The latest pleating machine produces various types of media packages. With it we manufacture various types of high quality air filters. The standard integrity test checks the quality of the high-end filters, i.e. in conformity with EN1822. This constitutes one of the guarantees by which TripleAir stand out as filter specialists.

Specific knowledge and experience constitute the second pillar of the company's ambitions. Management and employees are well trained and can boast of (tens of) years of experience in filter design and manufacturing. Our manufacturing processes are controlled by a quality management system. Third-party components are consistently screened in tests and audits performed by the suppliers.

An additional quality guarantee is offered through project support and service by means of product control and checks, ranging from product specifications to validation upon delivery. To guarantee the quality even further, the client can opt for supervised assembly. In this way, our company is involved in quality control from the drawing board to the product's first operation

Working together on clean air

Offering added value as a project supplier, based on sound know-how and expertise. This is the foundation for all of TripleAir-Technology's operations on behalf of, and together with, their clients. TripleAir-Technology supplies filters and complementary products for air treatment to customers, such as pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, pharmacies, micro-electronics firms,

producers of medical equipment, OEM-companies (Original Equipment Manufacturers), food industry, cleanroom builders, electrical contractors, filter suppliers and power plants. TripleAir is represented by TripleAir-Technology Ltd. (UK) outside of the Benelux. New partnerships in other countries are in the making.

TripleAir, Animal Virus Air Filtration

TripleAir is a young company, but it has 30 years of experience in airfiltration on board, as well as 30 years of experience in the agricultural ( pig) sector. This combination, made Clarcor Inc. from the USA decide, to start a partnership with TripleAir, as their Master Distributor for Europe. Clarcor Inc. developed, in close cooperation with the University of Minnesota a filter that protects pig and poultry farms against airborne viruses like PRRS and Mycoplasma. Good results are made in the USA over the last 4 years, while Clarcors filters are of high quality and competitive.

Over half a million productionsows and also boar struds, already are protected. Knowledge and experience are available to our customers. In the context of improving the health status on pig and poulty farms, airfiltration is an important issue, now and in the future. Airfiltration can play an important role in reducing the use of medicins in the food production chain.

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